Odorata Gamtos Spa is located in the green zone of the town of Anykščiai. It is a space for self-discovery, deep relaxation and sacred harmony. For aromas of plants and natural cosmetics. For fresh bath brooms and their distinctive massages. For Tibetan singing bowls and cosmetics workshops. For natural beauty procedures and deep inner journeys. Our team is the vessel through which the elements will fulfill you. We love pampering you!

Your skin is a reflection of your inner health. We all long for authenticity. Our natural ODORATA products help you to discover your true nature and to highlight your natural beauty. ODORATA translates as 'FRAGRANT' in Latin. Fragrant, mysterious, delicate, beautiful... We feel authentic when a vibrant oil drop touches our skin. When magical plant-based butters nourish our body. When aromas of essential oils quiver our souls and turn to moments of abundance.