Healing processes

Healing processes

It consists of individual sessions to restore physiological health and lead to resolution of various life situations. The method itself is unique and is based on elimination of subconscious programs and release of suppressed feelings / emotions that control your life and inflict problems in it. The proposed healing method is affects various areas: emotional and psychological states, health, relationships, finances, etc. Processes are particularly effective for adults but they also show good efficacy in healing children aged 12 years and older.
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In our daily lives, we are constantly faced with challenges in various areas: relationships, finances, health. These challenges are often difficult and leave a deep imprint on our consciousness, mind and body. They can cause mounted stress, tension, emotional trauma and other problems. Despite our best efforts, many of these situations cannot be resolved, at least partially. Such situations can be a one-time occurrence, but often, they reoccur in one form or another with certain cyclicality and can drag on for years. Such is the life of a human. And under these conditions, after having tried many common methods and ways to solve our problems, sooner or later we come to the assumption that the source of problems is not to be found in external circumstances, but rather inside ourselves. Following this realization, we can be led to profound insights into the causes of what is really the underlying problem. The important thing is that this very insight, accompanied by the grace of the Nature of life, which by default, in abundance is gifted to each person, can bring to the fastest transformations of ourselves and our lives. As a result of insights, problematic situations can be quickly or gradually resolved to no longer arise, since the main cause of their occurrence is eliminated. Through the awareness and by the grace of the Nature of life, underlying “All That Exists”, a swift healing can manifest to ourselves and to everything that is our expression. Our expression here denotes our body and all areas of our life – our internal programs, beliefs, emotional and physical blocks that we have accumulated throughout our lives or inherited from our parents, grandparents, other relatives and our close ones.

Life situations can bring you people who may be there to help you see the causes of your life problems. Through your newly received awareness and the power of your own nature (which is also the Nature of life), you gain the ability to heal. This way, certain areas of your life can be healed through this healing. I am ready to be one of those people. The method I use makes me able to help you heal or fix even issues that you (or someone else) find difficult or beyond possible to heal. I can help you see what is really causing your problems. To do this you do not need to undergo any special training courses or practice any techniques and apply excessive efforts. All you need is true desire to resolve your life situation, your openness and willingness to let that grace of the Nature of life, which by default is always with you, to heal you.


More than 20 years ago, I have been on the path to find ways to achieve my goals and solve my own problems. I started, like most people, with quite ordinary well-known practical tools. This way I came to understanding that the causes are much deeper than seemingly. I delved into the study of functioning of the individual’s consciousness and relationship of the consciousness with what we call life. In the process of searching, I was trained in various educational and spiritual centers, where I learned techniques for developing consciousness and mind. Here you can find the main (but far from all) sources of my knowledge.

2001 – 2008 m. Maharishi Vedic University (Ukraine)

2009-2010 m. I work at MERU (Maharishi European Research University, Vlodrop, Netherlands)

2019 Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge (THInK) (Switzerland, Slovenia, Ukraine)

2020 m. O&O Academy (India)

2010, 2019, 2022 Oneness University (India)

In addition, my training passed through countless lectures, satsangs, seminars, sessions and books by masters and teachers of our time. What is most important I was happy to individually work with masters who have comprehended the depth of the wisdom of life. The knowledge gained and personal experience in their applying the knowledge helped me understand that it is the development of individual consciousness that helps bring a person’s life to a greater level of harmony, success, joy and satisfaction. On a practical level, it reflects in: health, relationships, finances, etc. This understanding is not unique. Throughout the history of mankind, spiritual masters and teachers spoke about this level of living a life in terms of the most consistent with the very nature of a human. As a result of my understanding also a desire has been growing to use the tools received in order to help other people in solving their problems.

The method I propose is based on the technology I received in one of the spiritual centers of India. It allows you to activate the energy in our consciousness, mind and body that lifts us above the level of the problem itself. This makes it possible to see its cause and eliminate the subconscious program that led to its occurrence. Through elevation of a consciousness level we achieve substantially greater harmony and balance, as well as we get the opportunity not only to eliminate the cause and therby to start the process of healing and eliminating the consequences of this destructive program. If a person is fully open to new realizations and prepared to transform his life, the healing can happen instantly or within a few hours.

Despite you may have recognized some elements of this healing process to be also used by other individuals and groups, the wholesome process itself in its full format is only carried out by myself. As far as I know. In the process of learning and practical use of this technology, I was subjected to deep transformations myself. They helped me improve the procedure itself and develop the necessary abilities to achieve the maximum healing effect.

Numerous positive reviews of people who took the opportunity to take part in this process have confirmed its high efficiency and versatility in solving problems in all areas of life. Although this healing process does not have a religious nature and is not attached to any religion or religious teaching, it is entirely spiritual. One such spiritual element of the procedure is my recitation of a Sanskrit’s text. The participant may also be asked to use an image of the masters who created this healing technology in order to achieve the maximum healing effect at a certain stage. However, the latter element is not mandatory and is carried out solely at the choice of the process’ participant. Before the session of the process begins, the participant will receive a detailed description of the procedure and needed instructions.

The process is carried out remotely. All you need is a stable on-line voice connection. Format of the “meeting in person” is also possible.

The process is conducted either in English, Ukrainian or Russian language.

With love,

Vadim Bukovets

About love in SAU
Thank you very much for the session. I feel fullness and quiet joy. Something has changed, there is peace and confidence. I stopped fighting life. I am extremely grateful!
Improved relationship with my husband
Hello, Vadim. Thank you for the process. The clear intentions of the process allowed me to see my relationship with my husband and my sister from the outside, as it were. I'm used to shifting attention and problems onto other people, and I've seen how I do it. After the process, there was a lightness in the heart, which then turned into a lightness in the body and acceptance of the situation. The silent joy is still felt today. I am grateful with all my heart.
I finally fell asleep
Yesterday we had no light for 8 hours. I want to describe how I feel. You know, I feel something has changed inside. I finally fell asleep...long, peaceful, so sweet...It was the first time in the whole war period that I had a deep sleep. On the one hand, there is peace of mind about the future, and on the other hand, there are a lot of tears... they just won't stop rolling. Easier.
Gratitude to Dad emerged
Thank you very much for taking the time to help me see and understand the negative programmes in relation to the male line. Thanks to you, I saw a lot of pain. The process was intense and I stayed awake all night. I realised the cause of the bad relationship, I felt that I had no gratitude to my father and I started to give thanks - to you, to him, to God. I realise that this is just the beginning, and I would like to continue working on myself.
I observe, deep down inside me
It's hard to explain in words what is happening. I feel that some deep processes have started - at the level of the physical body. Thank you, that's really strong. For now, I'm just observing, deep down, and believing that everything will "work out"..
The process has helped open my heart
When you started the process, I felt a dense energy in my body, in the heart area. There was a connection between me and the Divine Power. The balls of light enveloped and activated the healing of the head area and heart. I feel like I've melted, fallen asleep. There was a feeling of contentment, joy, completeness - I started to be fulfilled. I remembered that a month ago, I fell down and hurt my shoulder in a fight with my mother. The blow was powerful, and my heart slammed shut with pain. Then, I didn't understand anything. I thought I was just feeling bad, in pain, unable to communicate, but the real reason was that I had closed myself off. The process you have led me through has allowed me to see and understand why the heart chose not to feel. Thank you.
I accept myself as I am
Thank you very much for the session. Afterwards, as you suggested, I went to rest. The night was unusual, there was something going on in my body and in my head, it's hard to understand what. Now I feel great, at ease, more tolerant and starting to feel myself. And maybe even love...
Vivid dreams
The processes are not over yet, as I observe the changes inside me every day. Before, I hardly dreamt at all, but now I have very vivid dreams every night. Most of the time I dream of situations and events where I should forgive myself. Subconscious things started to come out. It seems to be just the beginning, so I am watching the changes.