Camping in nature


You are bound to enjoy days and nights with a difference, all spent in the Natural surroundings where You will:

Discover and experience
the element of AIR: using the kites made by Yourself, You will tame the wind as well as make fragrances and natural cosmetics from essential oils;
the element of WATER: You will go rafting across the most picturesque lake of Anykščiai region, unveil the mysteries of its islands, bathe in its waters and indulge in the Nature’s Spa;
the element of EARTH: from Mound Voruta, You will watch the Sun rise, go on a hike to the six-trunked oak-tree of Elma, use plants to decorate the fragrant cushions for quiet sleep and collect herbs;
the element of FIRE: You will enjoy an Inipi bath, cook food over a fire and make carved lanterns.

Hear and experience
the rhythm of MUSIC through a gong “bathing”, singing of multipart folk songs sutartinės and sounds of nature.

Tame and befriend
splendid HORSES – by giving a brush to a horse, bathing it in the river, feeding or riding, You will establish a real bonding with an animal.

Watching the stars, sleeping in a tree house, drinking pure water from a well or enjoying herbal tea, savouring delicious and healthy food and the rye bread made by Yourself, doing yoga or exercising, You will relax, get to know Your inner self better, or even gain special powers!