Walking barefoot, touching the wet ground,
My eyes, bathing in the glow of the rising Sun,
Hands feeling the soft grass breathing life into this world,

My nose, cuddled by the distinct scents,
I realize – I AM:
In the blowing of a gentle breeze…
In a raindrop…
In every flower of a blooming meadow…
In a mother‘s hug, lying secure and loved.

I realize I am a NATURE‘S daughter.

I grew up in a pine forest, situated by Lake Gėla, with the Neris river flowing nearby. The beauty of nature, mysteriousness and a sense of boundless freedom, prompted to travel, to look for your true home. It was this desire, too, that brought me here – to Anykščiai, nestled among the verdant forests, colourful fields and odorous meadows.

In the reflection of the speeding waters of the Šventoji river, I traced the long-missed feeling of Completeness… And a wish for more meaning and interest in life as well as an effort to slow down were born in my heart. I realized the importance of the air I breathe with, the food I feed myself on, and how much I move during the day. Both internal and external changes provided me with courage to take up a new activity – a launch of a natural handmade cosmetics product line which eventually grew into a craft.

This was the beginning of a small, cosy and fragrant business.

Nature is my teacher as I fully rely on its guidance. In its depths, where one’s unique character can be encountered, I feel there is a knowledge of the truth which says that all of us are its children that have been gifted with an opportunity to be healthy and happy.

This is the message I wish to share with others…

In the Completeness of Nature